Oh, no…‘Civil War!’ Dems, libs, journos all too eager to jump on & RUN with AP report, even after WH denied it

It didn’t take long for Democrats to run with the apparently fake news story that President Donald Trump wanted to mobilize the National Guard to round-up illegal aliens.

The Associated Press broke the story on Friday, and the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer quickly called the report “100 percent false.”

It’s astounding to think that media would be this careless, the day after Trump called them out for being very fake news the night before in heated press conference.

Nonetheless, Sen. Dick Durbin proved why the media does it and ran like the wind with the “story.”

AP runs report declaring National Guard will round up illegals; WH disputes record as 100% false

And he was far from the only one.

Hours after the White House categorically denid the claim, news outlets and prominent liberals were pushing the story.



This clearly shows, when news fits the agenda, Democrats don’t wait for the facts.

On a ‘day without immigrants,’ President Trump puts thousands of AMERICAN coal miners back to work

Ask Nancy Pelosi who believed Gen. Mike Flynn called himself a scapegoat.

But in the fight for the minds of the American public, conservatives called out the AP story as nonsense from the start.

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Carmine Sabia


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