Down-n-out Hillary cements leftist elite folk hero status when spotted dining with SNL star

“Saturday Night Live” comedienne Kate McKinnon spent the last few years skewering Hillary Clinton, pantsuit and all, but it appears that Hillary isn’t holding any grudges.

Even after years of light-hearted jabs on “Saturday Night Live,” Hillary doesn’t seem too upset over the jokes. In fact, the former Secretary of State was just spotted having dinner with McKinnon in a New York restaurant.

Clinton was in the city to take in a stage show, “Sunset Boulevard” starring Glenn Close, but before the show she and McKinnon appeared at Orso restaurant for a quick dinner, according to The Daily Mail.

While Clinton and McKinnon seemed very amused with each other during the dinner, one patron called out a chant of “Lock Him Up,” in an apparent reference to Donald Trump, the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

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Clinton appeared on SNL in the role of “Val the bartender” opposite McKinnon who was playing Hillary back in October before her shocking loss to Donald Trump in November.

McKinnon and her show were so shocked at Hillary’s loss that they paid tribute to the losing Democrat with a schmaltzy cold opening featuring McKinnon as Hillary singing “Hallelujah” in the post-election broadcast of the late night show.


Since her dramatic defeat, Hillary spottings have been a highlight for many sorrowful supporters. Many worship the new martyr-like status she enjoys in the eyes of those who see her chance to become the first woman president not only dashed, but stolen.

Reaction to the dinner was decidedly mixed on Twitter. Some were happy to see Hillary “moving on” while others were clearly still hoping she’d be moving on to jail.

And some were heartened by Hillary’s appearance in public, while others want her to just go away.


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