MSM eats major crow when Jewish man ‘mistreated’ by Trump defends him: ‘Very unfair, what’s been done…’

The Jewish man in the center of the media’s portrayal of a scolding by President Donald Trump is putting the brakes on the inaccurate spin of what happened.

The liberal press blasted Trump in an endless supply of stories focusing on his response Thursday to a question from Jake Turx from the Brooklyn based Orthodox Jewish weekly, Ami Magazine.

“Sit down,” the president told Turx after he presented part of his question. “I understand the rest of your question.”

Many media outlets portrayed the exchange negatively, accusing Trump of anti-Semitism.

But Turx came to the president’s defense, saying he has done an “unprecedented amount of outreach” within the Orthodox Jewish community.

“It is very unfair what’s been done to him,” Turx told Fox News’ Ed Henry on Thursday.  “So I understand why he’s so defensive. “I’m with him when it comes to being outraged about him being charged with this anti-Semitism.”

“So many times I’ve seen our colleagues in the media describe certain events in the way it relates to the Jewish community, ” Turx said, “that no one in our community saw it that way.”

As for how he felt being told to “be quiet” and “sit down” by the President of the United States, Turx said his response would “surprise” people.

“I was actually very hopeful because it shows a president who is so committed against this problem of anti-Semitism, that it bothers him on a deep, personal level, ” Turx said. “It makes me very hopeful that he will work together with the community.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also hopeful as he described his meeting with the president at the White House Wednesday as a “historical moment,” as well as “a meeting of the minds and a meeting of the hearts.”

“I feel we have now, as the president says, an even stronger alliance,” the prime minister told Sean Hannity. “A new day, he called it. Maybe a new age.”

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