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Anti-Trump haters will be sorry to learn where their so-called boycott landed Ivanka’s fragrance sales

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Success is the best revenge.

Just ask Ivanka Trump, whose perfumes rocketed to the top of the Amazon Bestsellers list after leftist anti-Trumpers launched a boycott of her products.

While department stores like Nordstrom, TJ Maxx, Sears and Kmart have dropped Ivanka’s clothing line, shoes and accessories, Amazon is cashing in on the first daughter’s popular perfumes.

An Ivanka Trump fragrance is No. 1 in Amazon’s women’s eau de parfum category. Ivanka’s products beat out fragrances from pop stars Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, both of whom have had extremely successful perfume lines for years.

ivanka trump perfume bestseller amazonIvanka Trump is being targeted in a boycott campaign called “Grab Your Wallet,” which was orchestrated by San Francisco marketer Shannon Coulter, who quit her job to troll the Trump family full-time.

shannon coulter grab your wallet ivanka trump
Shannon Coulter

A vicious backlash erupted after the boycott, as consumers slammed protesters for targeting Ivanka to retaliate against her dad.

Actor Scott Baio famously dumped Nordstrom after the retail giant dropped Ivanka’s clothing.

That was a YUGE mistake for Nordstrom, as Scott’s wife Rene spent $30,000 at the retailer last year.

Crazed boycott organizer is livid after Neiman Marcus ‘sneaks’ Ivanka items back on website

Leftists reacted to Ivanka’s perfume success by urging others to trash it with fake Amazon reviews. Indeed, almost all negative reviews are from anti-Trumpers who never even bought the item.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters laughed off lib outrage, saying the market has spoken.





One consumer proudly tweeted a gorgeous photo of her Ivanka perfume, which had just arrived.


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Samantha Chang


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