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It’s safe to say not everyone’s impressed with the ‘special’ date picked for women’s general strike

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A plan to hold a women’s general strike on a day set to honor women is being met with some unanticipated mockery.

The group that organized the Women’s March on Washington last month to protest Donald Trump’s presidency is planning a general strike on Wednesday, March 8, a day that happens to be International Women’s Day.

Announcing the event on a social media post, the group said it would be sharing more information and details in the coming weeks.

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Following the Jan. 21 march to protest Trump on his first full day at the White House, the Women’s March group is now organizing in local communities in an effort to engage people in the political arena.

No specific details have been released about the upcoming strike which, besides the expected anticipation from the group’s supporters, created a mixed reaction of skepticism, criticism and confusion for others. And the special date that was picked was all but ignored and seemed to have no effect on swaying folks into their corner.

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