Trump reportedly ready to trim WH, Melania’s staff to help taxpayers and already a complaint–from a GOP senator!

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President Trump wants to streamline the first lady’s staff. (YouTube)

President Trump is making good on his promise to cut costs, and he’s starting with his house. The White House, that is.

Trump wants to reduce the number of employees at the White House, even if it means First Lady Melania Trump will have a smaller staff. So far, Melania has only hired two people: chief of staff Lindsay Reynolds and White House social secretary Anna Cristina Niceta Lloyd.

While former first lady Michelle Obama employed 22 attendants on taxpayers’ dime, President Trump sees no need for Melania to have so many minions, especially since she hasn’t yet moved full-time into the White House.

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President Trump is also considering cutting the number of workers at the White House, which previously topped 450 people, sources told McClatchy. Trump reportedly wants the White House to run efficiently without costing taxpayers any more money than necessary.

“I think one of the things that you’re going to continue to see from this president is a respect for taxpayers’ dollars,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said.

While presidential cost-cutting should be applauded, Trump’s opponents on Capitol have criticized the move.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley complained that the White House has not reopened for public tours since Trump moved in.

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“Whoever monitors Twitter at WH for businessman president Trump, ‘when is WH going to be opened for public tours?’ Mrs G wants to know,” Grassley tweeted.

It’s normal for the White House Visitors Office to be closed during the transition period. An aide for Melania Trump said White House tours will resume March 7.

Meanwhile, Twitter users slammed career politician Grassley, 83, for wasting his time and their money tweeting about inconsequential matters.

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