‘Shunning’ of Tiffany Trump at NYC event by immature fashion editors puts notorious ‘Mean Girls’ to shame

Move over Ivanka, there’s a new target in town.

President Donald Trump’s younger daughter, Tiffany, turned up at the Philipp Plein fashion show Monday night at the New York Public Library, and reportedly “wreaked havoc on the seating assignments because no fashion editors wanted to sit next to her,” the Daily Mail reported.

The British tabloid cited a tweet from Alyssa Vingan Klein, the editor-and-chief of Fashionista.com, which came across like immature, ‘mean-girl’ high school drama:


Christina Binkley, a former Wall Street Journal fashion columnist, posted a photo of empty seats next to Tiffany.


Nikki Ogunnaike, a senior fashion editor at Elle.com, responded to Alyssa’s tweet to say she had moved, the Mail reported, but it’s not clear if she was originally seated next to Trump.

She posted a second tweet saying: “Phillip Plein at 10PM: 1 hour late start, editors fleeing just so they don’t have to sit behind Tiffany Trump.



Binkley attributed the late start to another reason… namely Madonna:


An Associated Press video captured Trump sitting with friends on either side of her — the timing of the conflicting images is unknown.

It may be questionable whether fashion editors actually declined to sit next to Trump, but the immature reaction from some in the room, as seen above, is very real.

mean girls
Screen grab from ‘Mean Girls’ movie trailer via YouTube.

All of which contradicts Tiffany capturing America’s heart when she took to the stage of the Republican National Convention last year.

“Like my father, I never back down from challenges,” she said with a smile. “So here I am, a little new to the convention scene.”

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