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Kellyanne Conway blasts ‘disturbing’ leaks in D.C., says that’s the real story behind Flynn resignation

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The ever-reliable Kellyanne Conway faced the fire Tuesday following the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn late Monday.

Flynn resigned amid accusations he misled Vice President Mike Pence about talking sanctions during a call with the Russian ambassador, but Conway appeared on “Fox & Friends” to say the real story is a troubling pattern of leaks in Washington.

Co-host Steve Doocy referenced leaks coming from the “intel community.”

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“There are a number of major U.S. papers that apparently got the leaks from the intel community that said, ‘Hey look, we’ve got the transcripts of what Mr. Flynn said on the phone to the Russian ambassador and it looks kind of shady,'” he explained. “Just the fact that there are these leaks inside the permanent government is troubling.”

Conway was quick to point out that Fox News may be the only network talking about the “disturbing” leaks.

“Well, you may be the only outlet talking about that this morning,” the Trump senior adviser said. “So thank you for shining a light there.”

Conway was repeating what looks to be the company line, as President Donald Trump said pretty much the same thing on Twitter Tuesday morning, as he raised a genuine concern and called the leaks the “real story”:


Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham was also interviewed on “Fox & Friends,” and she said the leaks are at a level she hasn’t seen “in quite some time.”

She also said the “long knives” were out early for Flynn.

“Long knives were out for Flynn almost the moment he was announced,” Ingraham said. “I heard this from back channels coming from the White House. Others have in Washington. That’s no big secret.”

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“But I really think this was the death by a thousand leaks,” she added. “The leaks that were coming out of this administration and the transition before the administration were at a level I don’t remember seeing in quite some time.”

In addition, GOP. Rep. Devin Nunes, who chairs the House select intelligence committee told Bloomberg, there appears to be a “well-orchestrated attack” against “Flynn and others in the administration.”

The reaction on social media included plenty of calls for the leaks to be investigated and those found responsible held accountable.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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