Left ignites when gutsy singer sports ‘Make America Great Again’ dress at Grammys – look at the back!

If the Grammys were a contest of courage, Joy Villa would win hands down.

After all, the singer had the lion-sized fortitude to appear in the literal lion’s den sporting, of all things, a “Make America Great Again” dress!

Villa was originally wearing a simple white outfit when she arrived at the 2017 Grammy Awards, but when she got onto the red carpet she removed it to reveal her Trump poster-like “Make America Great Again” themed dress.

As for the singer’s motivations? How about “love?”



Not surprisingly, Villa received plenty of hate from libs…



But plenty of supporters as well!

Wherever you come down on Trump, surely we can all agree that this lady has one thing in spades… guts!

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Scott Morefield


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