Trump, being Trump, reportedly referred to Elizabeth Warren as ‘Pocahontas’ in meeting with senators

What you see is what you get…

In a meeting this week with 10 senators, President Donald Trump reportedly referred to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas.”

Trump revisited a theme from the campaign trail, where he has used the nickname to disparage Warren, while commenting on the Massachusetts Democrat’s antics on the Senate floor earlier this week in opposition to his pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Politico reported.

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He also referenced voter fraud in the meeting, suggesting “thousands” of people were “brought in on buses” from Massachusetts to “illegally” vote in New Hampshire.

More from Politico:

During the meeting, Trump also reacted to Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren being silenced on the Senate floor while trying to read a 1986 letter by Coretta Scott King and in objection to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions before he was confirmed as attorney general. According to participants in Thursday’s meeting, Trump referred to Warren several times as “Pocahontas,” the moniker he gave her during his campaign, and told the Democrats he was glad Warren is becoming the face of “your party.”


Pointing to “family stories” and her grandfather’s “high cheekbones,” Warren has claimed to be Native American and listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory. And while a genealogist traced her heritage and claimed she was 1/32 Native American, the finding has been highly disputed.

There is no love lost between Warren, a fierce critic of Trump, and the president, who has called her “a total phony” on the campaign trail.

“She’s got less Native American blood in her than I have, OK?” he said at a rally last year in North Carolina. “Believe me … She goes, ‘Well look at my cheekbones.'”

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