Meghan McCain picks ugly fight with fmr Navy SEAL over her dad’s disrespect; he fights back hard

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie got into it with Meghan McCain on social media after he took a swipe at her father.

It was a busy couple of days for Higbie as rumors began to circulate that he was interviewing to replace Sean Spicer as White House press secretary on Friday.

On Thursday, during an interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Higbie called on Arizona Sen. John McCain to apologize for calling a recent Yemen raid a failure because Navy SEAL Ryan Owens died during the mission.

“I think John McCain does owe an apology to the Owens family. I think it was dishonorable of him, too,” Higbie said. “He called it an unsuccessful mission because of a plane crash? This is a guy who crashed an enormous amount of planes during training. Look, these things happen, and it’s not an unsuccessful mission just simply because John McCain doesn’t like Trump.”

In the same interview he sparred with former Army veteran Perry O’Brien, who he also slammed in a heated exchange that Baldwin attempted to referee.

But it was the swipe at her father the drew Meghan McCain into a fierce social media fight with Higbie.

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