Carlson lives up to his name! Sends another ignorant lib off with his tail ‘tucked’ between his legs

nyu student Kouross Esmaeli
Iranian-American grad student Kouross Esmaeli wants to censor conservative speech on campus.

An NYU student thinks the way to curb leftist violence is to censor conservative speech.

Kouross Esmaeli, an Iranian-American grad student in the made-up field of “media and culture,” said New York University should shut down its College Republicans Club after protests erupted at one of their events.

Liberal students violently rioted last week when conservative commentator Gavin McInnes held a seminar hosted by the NYU College Republicans group. The riots led to the arrest of 11 protesters, who harassed and assaulted students who tried to attend the event.

That caused Esmaeli to wrote an op-ed in the school newspaper calling for the College Republican club to be shut down, even though its members did not instigate any violence.

Esmaeli argued that some speech — such as that of conservative McInnes — is so offensive it shouldn’t be allowed on college campuses. Esmaeli claimed McInnes had made racially insensitive comments in the past.

Tucker Carlson explained to Esmaeli that you can’t censor someone’s free speech simply because you find it distasteful unless the speech incites violence.

“That is the essence of our democratic values … and you don’t seem to understand that,” Carlson said.

The clueless Esmaeli replied by equating Trump supporters to Al-Qaeda terrorists. Esmaeli then spewed more circular logic before Carlson cut him off in frustration, saying: “You have no principles.”

 Carlson later followed up by tweeting to Esmaeli: “I would defend the right of anyone to say anything I disagree with.”

Tucker fans then laid into Esmaeli, saying it’s typical of leftist hypocrites (and those in academia) to think free speech rights apply only to them.

Others noted how libs always call conservatives Nazis and fascists when they’re the ones embracing the Nazi M.O. of suppressing speech they disagree with.

Finally, one viewer said what we were all thinking during the interview.

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