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‘You tucked tail and ran’: CNN segment gets TENSE when 2 veterans spar over Trump & McCain

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A panel discussion between two veterans got very personal and left a CNN anchor visibly uncomfortable after the exchange.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin turned to the veterans for their view on the clash between President Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain as the two sparred over McCain stating that a recent Yemen raid that resulted in a U.S. soldier’s death was a “failure,”

Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL and Trump supporter, said the loss of life is tragic but that service members know the risks when they sign up and a mission is not a failure if it garners any new form of intelligence.

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Trump called out McCain for referring to the the Jan. 29 Yemen raid, in which elite U.S. Navy SEAL, Ryan Owens was killed, as a failure.

Army veteran Perry O’Brien, who served in Afghanistan and heads up an anti-Trump veterans group, said the president should apologize to McCain for his attack on Twitter.

O’Brien, who was discharged from the Army as a conscientious objector in 2004, said it’s the “obligation” of Americans to question the decision-making process of the president.

Higbie disagreed and turned the focus on O’Brien.

“Perry, this is the issue. You ran an anti-Trump group. You got out when all the service members got in like myself to go to war,” Higbie said.

“You got out because of the war because you didn’t agree with it which is fine but to leave your friends and family and brothers and sister stranded on the battlefield because you are a conscientious objector and to come back and slander Donald Trump, calling him a white supremacist, and say Ryan Owens’ family is not owed an apology by a Senator who straight up said the mission was a failure. Come on, that’s ridiculous and it’s dishonorable.”

And things went downhill after that.

O’Brien defended his service record but Higbie pressed his point.

“It calls into question your credibility to comment on an issue like this because you tucked tail and ran,” Higbie said, adding that McCain’s dislike for Trump is not grounds for dishonoring those who served in the mission.

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Baldwin, clearly bothered by the personal tone of the discussion, ended the segment by asking the men, “Let’s leave it.”

“I don’t like ‘tuck tail,’ I don’t like hurling insults at one another,” she said. “Bottom line, you disagree.”

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