Desperate Rosie morphs into Steve Bannon for new profile pic, but it didn’t turn out the way she’d hoped

This is not what she was going for.

Rosie O’Donnell is desperately attempting to land a role-playing Steve Bannon on “Saturday Night Live.”

The comedian said she is open to playing the role and has changed her Twitter profile picture to a photo of her face on Bannon’s head to prove she can do it.

Since its inception the sketch comedy show has lampooned politicians but, with Alec Baldwin playing President Donald Trump, the venom the actors on the show have for this administration is not hidden.

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But you might need eye bleach after seeing Rosie’s Bannon picture.

But many on social media found that she looked more like comedian Louie Anderson than she does Steve Bannon.

And they weren’t afraid to let her know:

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Carmine Sabia


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