Pro-Trump priest casts political correctness aside and creates quite the stir on social media

The Rev. Peter West, pastor of St. John’s Catholic Church in Orange, New Jersey, will soon have quite the following on social media once America catches on to his not so politically correct liberal bashing that includes more than a little humor.

…beginning with his Twitter profile: “I’m a Catholic Priest at St. John’s Church and a Russian agent personally assigned by Vladmir Putin to stop Hillary Clinton.”

West, a big supporter of President Donald Trump, doesn’t hesitate to take on liberals and their revered institutions, like Planned Parenthood, on Twitter and Facebook where he’s already amassed 7,300 followers, according to

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The priest even takes on Islamic extremism, calling moderate Islam “a myth” while supporting Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, reported.

More from the on the clergyman’s “political bomb-throwing,” as characterized by the author:

West has assailed millennials as “snowflakes” who attend “cry-ins” and described liberals as “smug and arrogant” people who find solace in puppies and Play-Doh.

He has called Hillary Clinton an “evil witch” and former President Barack Obama a “bum,” at one point sharing a post that challenged Obama’s authenticity as an African-American because he wasn’t raised by a poor single mother in the inner city.



In response to the charge of calling liberals “snowflakes,” West offered up a defense of sorts on Facebook.

“I never called all millennials ‘snowflakes’ I have great respect for family, friends and especially members of our military who are millennials,” he wrote.

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“However old you are, if as an adult you demand a ‘safe space’ where you won’t hear opinions contrary to yours, you are a ‘snowflake,’ especially on a university campus where there should be debate and a free exchange of ideas.”

How can you not love this man?

Here are a few samplings from West’s Twitter feed:

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