Trump supporters say they were booted from elite Manhattan Republican Club in heated ‘cleansing’

A “storied” Manhattan Republican club is reportedly booting members who supported President Donald Trump.

Those who supported the president were targeted during a heated meeting at the GOP club’s Upper East Side headquarters, according to the New York Post.

More from The Post:

Tensions at the Metropolitan Republican Club on East 83rd Street — which counts state Republican Committee chief Ed Cox and former Mayor Mike Bloomberg as members — had been festering for months over Trump’s ascent to the presidency.

After his surprise victory in November, sources said, the club’s old guard launched a campaign to cleanse Trump supporters.

“They hate Donald Trump, and they were really pissed when he won,” said expelled executive board member Sandra Chase.


Club chairwoman Adele Malpass claims the action was the result of “younger blood: replacing the “old guard” and had nothing to do with Trump.

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“The Met Club replaced its board members according to its bylaws,” Malpass said. “It was simply the replacing of the ‘old guard’ by younger blood, something that happens in any organization.”

“This had absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.”

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