Attorney: Trump’s ‘so-called-judge’ tweet possible ‘impetus for impeachment we’ve all been waiting for’

The “start of impeachment we’ve all been waiting for?”

One must wonder if attorney Elura Nanos has a mouse in her pocket when, after just 17 days in office, she is cheering for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

“Impeachment seems a major potential, and the only question is whether we’ll have to wait until the midterm elections to see it happen,” she penned in an anti-Trump piece for LawNewz.

Democrats who sat on their hands for the last eight years suddenly have a newfound “respect for the Constitution” with a Republican president and, in a real stretch, Nanos jumps on a tweet from Trump about the judge who issued a temporary restraining order against the president’s executive order on immigration and refugees.

Trump hit back hard at the “so-called judge,” saying — egad! — he believes the ruling will be overturned on appeal.

But Nanos is taking it upon herself to expand from that tweet to suggest the president “may be about to hand us an airtight case for impeachment and conviction.”

Andrew Jackson notwithstanding, the counselor offers her reasoning:

“Well, if Twitter is any indication, our Commander in Chief is at least considering defying a federal court order and simply doing as he pleases.”

Having the impressive ability to know what Trump is thinking, she says he is “setting the stage for blatantly disobeying” the court order and that “it hardly takes a forensic psychologist to see that Trump is setting us up for questioning Judge [James] Robart’s authority.”

That analogy came after Nanos presented a flimsy case about how a Virginia judge’s order to provide affected travelers with lawyers may have been ignored.

“Trump’s failure to obey those orders would be illegal and grounds for contempt,” Nanos said. “And could very easily fall under the ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ clause in the Constitution which is needed to impeach a president.”

It doesn’t matter that there’s not enough here to hang a hat on, the important thing is to keep throwing impeachment talk out there to taint the public’s view of Trump, as seen Monday by reliable foot soldier and noted deep thinker Rep. Maxine Waters.

On the same day Nanos was throwing around the “I-word,” the California Democrat was doing the same… it’s almost like they are reading from the very same script:

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