Video: Marine vet evacuated from Iraq after telling the unvarnished truth about Trump’s travel ban

A former U.S. Marine working as a security specialist in Iraq had to be evacuated after uploading a video on Facebook that chronicled the unvarnished truth in response to President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration and refugees.

Seen more than 42 million times, Steven Gern explained in the video how an American would be treated in the countries that Trump included in his temporary travel ban.

“Apparently, it wasn’t safe for me to remain in the location I was in,” he said in a follow up video. “So, I’m being sent out.”

But he let it be known that this story has only just begun.

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“Can’t say much about what’s happening right now,” Gern said. “But what I will say is there’s going to be a lot more to follow. So stay tuned everybody.”

*Caution: Strong language

In the original video, Gern explained that “a lot of the Iraqis showed their displeasure in [Trump’s] executive order” and he responded by asking them what would happen to him, as an American citizen, if he were to openly walk into a nearby town.

He said the Iraqis told him that he would be snatched up and killed within an hour.

“The point I’m trying to make is – this is the local populace that would do this,” Gern said. “This isn’t ISIS… this isn’t al-Qaeda. So, my question to them was pretty simple after that.

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“If you would do this to me, in your country, why would I let you in my country?”

As for Gern’s qualifications to speak on the matter, here’s a snapshot of his LinkedIn profile:




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