Hillary Clinton reacts to Lady Gaga not spewing Trump-hate during Super Bowl halftime

While many liberals were seething, Hillary Clinton was thrilled with the Super Bowl halftime performance of one of her most ardent supporters, Lady Gaga.

The former secretary of state and Democrat presidential candidate told her social media followers that she went “gaga” for the show.

Many fans expected Gaga to make a big political, anti-President Trump statement but the only part of her performance that had political overtones was her medley of patriotic tunes to start the show.

It was a message of unity, though the reciting pf lines from “This Land Is Your Land” was an overt tip of the cap to Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, who have been singing it at rallies to protest the president’s travel ban.

The message was subtle and didn’t take the spotlight from the game or what was an incredible halftime performance.

Secretary Clinton wasn’t the only one to approve of the show.

Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted a shout out to the superstar, who he worked with for the “It’s On Us” campaign to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses.

But in this highly political environment, it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, and the star was roundly bashed by some liberals for not using her show to slam the president.

Carmine Sabia


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