Betrayed? Liberals don’t know what to make of Lady Gaga’s halftime show; let the backlash begin

Nope. Almost surprisingly, given the singer’s penchant for left-wing politics, Lady Gaga actually decided to refrain from any overt Trump-hate and stick to what she does best, sing.

That’s right. Now the liberal champion has become a goat of sorts to fans who expected some politics to go with their performance.

Here it comes:

3… 2… 1…


That’s right, some are saying Gaga’s performance of “This Land Is Your Land” was a subtle protest against Trump.

Maybe, but they could also be grasping at straws:

But hey, at least there’s a bright side:

Since neither Trump nor Bannon have any problem with diversity, love, or inclusiveness, it’s likely the absolute last thing they were is “furious.” But why should the truth get in the way of a good liberal narrative?

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Scott Morefield


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