More riots? Elizabeth Warren lectures her own side to ‘grow a backbone and get out there and fight’

As if the rioting, burning and beating of those who disagree with them aren’t enough the unofficial spokesperson for the hard left, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is calling on the Democratic Party to “grow a backbone and get out there and fight.”

Gone are the days when the media hyperventilated over the innocuous use of a rifle scope to represent the targeting of political opponents, as evident with the brushing aside the increasingly violent rhetoric coming from many Democrats in opposition of President Donald Trump.

Speaking at the annual Progressive Congress Strategy Summit in Baltimore, Warren referenced an “economic crisis” that began before the Trump presidency, reported. Ignoring the reality that her party controlled both the White House and the economy the past 8 years, Warren attributed that crisis to Republicans.

“No matter how extreme Republicans in Washington became, Democrats might grumble or whine, but when it came time for action, our party hesitated and pushed back only with great reluctance,” she said.

Sounding much like a candidate positioning herself for a national run, the senator declared an end to such hesitancy.

“Far too often, Democrats have been unwilling to get out there and fight,” Warren said. “That ends today. It’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and to get out there and fight.”

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The Massachusetts lawmaker added that it’s up to progressives “to make very clear that we […] stand for a BOLD, progressive agenda.”

“We need to make clear we will fight.”

Americans may counter that the Berkeley rioters have already made that point clear for them.

Tom Tillison


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