‘It’s really bad’: Bill O’Reilly asks Trump for proof of voter fraud

A preview of Bill O’Reilly’s big Super Bowl interview with President Donald Trump showed that the Fox News host wasn’t above challenging the president.

Pointing to criticism that Trump says things he “cannot back up factually,” O’Reilly said that critics say that is “irresponsible.”

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He then referenced the president’s claim that millions of people voted illegally.

“Many people have come out and said I’m right,” Trump responded.

“We can be babies,” he added, “but you take a look at the registrations, you have illegals, you have dead people, you have this… it’s really a bad situation. It’s really bad.”

Shock jock Howard Stern, a longtime friend of Trump’s, had his own unique take on the voter fraud allegations, insisting last week that Trump did not really want to win the election and was using his run to strategically get more money from NBC for “The Apprentice.”

He suggested Trump now wants his old life back… never mind that he seems to be enjoying himself “big league” in his new role.

“He just wants a couple more bucks out of NBC, and that is why Donald is calling for voter fraud investigations,” Stern claimed. “He’s pissed he won. He still wants Hillary Clinton to win. He’s so f–king pissed, he’s hoping that he can find some voter fraud and hand it over to Hillary.”

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