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We’re used to Bruce Springsteen’s anti-Trump rants, but did he take it too far this time?

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Add Bruce Springsteen to the list of American apologists groveling before international audiences.

The aging rocker, known for his anthem “Born in the USA,” told concertgoers in Melbourne, Australia that he’s embarrassed to be an American because of President Trump.

“We stand before you embarrassed Americans,” Springsteen said before performing a cover of “Don’t Hang Up” mocking Trump’s phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. “This is a song from 1965 by The Orlons and we’re going to use it to send a letter back home.”


Springsteen was pushing the fake news report that Trump had hung up on Turnbull while discussing whether the U.S. should accept 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees from Australia (refugees from Australia. Let that sink in). Both the Turnbull and Trump camps denied the rumors, saying the phone call was cordial.

Springsteen also told the audience that his band is a part of the “resistance” against President Trump. This isn’t the first time Springsteen has railed against Trump.

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The radical-liberal musician, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, recently said he feels “disgust and fear” under a Trump presidency. “I’ve felt disgust before, but never the kind of fear that you feel now,” Springsteen whined.

Many people reacted by saying if Bruce Springsteen is embarrassed to be an American, then proud Americans will no longer buy his music.



One former fan said Bruce should change the name of his iconic song to “Born in the UAE.”




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