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Sassy video mixes Trump’s facial expressions with Bill Clinton and Obama’s tough border crackdown talk

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Sometimes, it’s just the messenger.

Over 21 years ago, then-President Bill Clinton gave a speech to a joint session of Congress calling for secure borders, a record number of border guards, deporting criminal aliens, cracking down on illegal hiring, and barring welfare benefits to illegals. After the speech, there were no road blockages, airport protests, or marches on Washington by pampered, p*ssy hat wearing leftists with nothing better to do.

Former President Barack Obama also gave his share of speeches about securing America’s borders, stemming “the flow of illegal crossings,” and even deporting criminals. Again, crickets from the left.

But when President Donald Trump takes steps to keep America safe by temporarily banning immigration from a few countries that are proven hotbeds of anti-American sentiment, all hell breaks loose.

Imagine what’s going to happen when the actual wall construction begins!

The makers of this video nailed the irony, with hilarious Trump facial expressions (you may recognize where they came from) interspersed between statements from the two former Democratic presidents.

Watch and enjoy the video below, then have some fun and trigger a liberal by sharing it!

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