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One heck of a mix up! No CNN, that’s NOT Faith Hill

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Poor CNN… seems the network just can’t seem to win for losing these days.

CNN was quick to report on the U.S. military “scrambling to explain an embarrassing mix-up” involving old video footage being released as part of Sunday’s raid in Yemen, but the network had an embarrassing mix up of its own.

In a story about R&B recording artist Faith Evans releasing an album of duets with her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G, twenty years after his unsolved murder, CNN tagged Evans as Faith Hill, the country music superstar.

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In a strange attempt to perhaps save face, CNN left the original post up, adding this correction as a reply:

For what it’s worth, Evans married the rapper, his real name was Christopher Wallace, nine days after meeting him on a photo shoot. They were estranged at the time of his death.

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As for CNN, even though they owned up to their “embarrassing mix-up,” that did little to slow the ridicule.

Social media users had a blast posting hilarious responses to the screw up:


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