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Howard Stern gets asked about Trump’s behavior at his wedding, ends up spilling whole lot of beans!

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One Howard Stern caller just opened a giant can of worms.

The radio talk show host was asked on air to recall what he remembers about Donald Trump’s behavior at his 2008 wedding.

Stern spoke about his wedding guest in friendly terms but went on to reveal much more about the long-time friendship he has with the new U.S. president.

For starters, he thinks the presidency will be bad for Trump’s health. He told his longtime friend not to run for office because it would be “detrimental” to his mental well-being.

“I personally wish that he had never run. I told him that,” the 63-year-old radio icon said Wednesday on his SiriusXM show.

“Because I actually think this is something that is going to be very detrimental to his mental health, too. Because he wants to be liked, he wants to be loved, he wants people to cheer for him. I don’t think this is going to be a healthy experience for him,” he said.

With continuing protests over his presidency and the increased exposure with being the nation’s leader, Trump faces more negativity that Stern believes he is very sensitive about.

“It’s a very difficult job,” the radio host said. “And Donald Trump, he really does want to be loved. … and that drives him a lot. I think that he has a very sensitive ego, and when you’re president, people are going to be very, very critical. … I do think he’s sincere in wanting to help out and I think he’s sincere when he says he has the answers, but he stepped into a situation that’s really not a win for him.”

The radio host has been friends with the 70-year-old Trump for years and has had him as a guest on his show on many occasions. Stern refused to cave in to pressure during the presidential campaign to replay old tapes of Trump’s appearances on the show, not wanting to cast his friend in a negative light.

Stern still believes Trump didn’t actually want to be president but was seeking to get some more money out of NBC for his show, “The Apprentice.”

“He just wants a couple more bucks out of NBC, and that is why Donald is calling for voter fraud investigations. He’s pissed he won. He still wants Hillary Clinton to win. He’s so f–king pissed, he’s hoping that he can find some voter fraud and hand it over to Hillary,” he said.

He also noted that Trump’s current anti-press and anti-Hollywood attacks are out of character for the man he has known for years.

“He’s now on this anti-Hollywood kick. He loves Hollywood!” the radio personality said. “First of all, he loves the press. He lives for it! He loves people in Hollywood. He only wants to hobnob with them.”

Stern is convinced being president will not be a “healthy experience” for Trump.

“All of this hatred and stuff directed towards him. It’s not good for him. It’s not good,” he said. “There’s a reason every president who leaves the office has gray hair.”

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