CNN’s Jake Tapper proffers Trump’s personal attack of judge as worse than Obama’s attack on entire SCOTUS

CNN anchor Jake Tapper chastised President Donald Trump on Saturday for taking on the judge who halted his travel ban.

The host of “The Lead” said the president’s tweets attacking Judge James Robart were unique and that Presidents Obama and Bush had not done similar things.

Starbucks can hire all the refugees it wants, its competition vowed to hire 10 thousand veterans.

But he then quickly cited examples of both presidents making similar statements.

Libs are freaking out over Ginsburg’s health, desperate to find ways to keep her alive for at least 4 more years.

Rap beef? Perhaps Jake is thinking of Eminem’s threat to destroy “b*tch” Trump.

Twitter users were quick to remind Tapper of a time when President Obama went after Supreme Court justices on a national stage.

No Jake. You are going after President Trump specifically.

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Carmine Sabia


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