‘Resist!’ Clueless Debra Messing amasses what could be record backlash for INSANE Berkeley tweet

What is wrong with this woman?

Leftist actress Debra Messing stayed up all night to tweet her support for the violent protests at UC Berkeley, where rioters shut down an event featuring former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Debra Messing supports rioters who silenced Milo Yiannopoulos (a gay Jewish man) at a university known as the birthplace of the free speech movement. (Instagram)

Clueless libs like Messing egged on the rioters, who vandalized buildings, hurled smoke bombs, set fires, broke windows, and assaulted attendees.

The irony that progressives gleefully silenced a gay Jewish man at Berkeley — the birthplace of the free speech movement — was obviously lost on Messing and the anarchists who support censorship over open debates.

Rioting thugs said they were protesting Milo because he’s a member of the “alt right” movement, even though Yiannopoulos has repeatedly disavowed the alt right.

Ironically, Milo was at the university to discuss FREE SPEECH. Let that sink in.

“Resist, Never Stop!” Messing tweeted Wednesday night.

Messing was barraged with angry tweets from people who slammed her hypocrisy for condemning President Trump as a fascist while blithely encouraging violent attacks on conservatives.

By Thursday morning Messing had amassed over 2,000 angry replies, compared to the measly 323 retweets she got for her insane take on the matter.

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One person sarcastically lauded Messing’s “risk-free fascism,” where she tweets from the safe, comfortable confines of her Hollywood home while plebes do the dirty work on the ground.

Another person wanted to know why Messing and other liberals are not standing up for Milo Yiannopoulos’ rights as a member of the LGBT community.

Conservative pundit SE Cupp tweeted at Messing: “I count you a friend. And I despise Milo. But meeting bad speech with no speech isn’t a cause for celebration.”

Messing simply quipped: “Not an ideal world … ”

It’s unclear how vandalism, violence, censorship and property damage furthers any cause.


One lone Berkeley student embodied the true spirit of democracy and humanity when he cleaned up graffiti.

“I support people,” he told a bystander who was annoyed that he was cleaning up their mess.

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