Fired-up Hannity takes on GOP ‘Never Trumpers,’ gleefully rubs Bill Kristol’s nose in SCOTUS pick

Sean Hannity unloaded on #NeverTrump Republicans following President Donald Trump’s nomination of conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch for the US Supreme Court.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, the Fox News Channel host blasted the Trump-hating crowd of Republicans who fought to defeat him throughout the campaign.

Hannity took direct aim at the Weekly Standard’s Editor-at-large, Bill Kristol, who had a positive word about Trump’s nomination, even though he has been a vocal opponent of the president.

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Kristol did not back down, responding to Hannity’s jab.

Speaking with Steve Malzberg Wednesday on Newsmax TV, Kristol reamrked that Hannity is expecting him and other #NeverTrumpers to come “begging” for forgiveness.

“He really wants to say to those of us who couldn’t be for Trump on November 8, that we still have to apologize and come calling and begging I suppose for forgiveness from Sean Hannity or maybe from Donald Trump himself,” Kristol said.

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Others agreed with Hannity that, had Hillary Clinton won the election, the Supreme Court pick would look very different.

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