Black man walloped with trash for supporting Trump lets it be known…he’s not messing around

Leftist snowflakes be warned: Don’t mess with Trump supporters. Because they don’t back down from a fight.

An unnamed African-American man was demonstrating near Trump Tower with his two young children when someone threw trash and a tampon at him.

The man, who wore a red “Trump” baseball cap and a Trump-Pence T-shirt, confronted the cowardly litterer (see video at 1:15 – warning: language):

Hey, bro, you do that again and you’re gonna get your a** kicked in front of your girlfriend. Don’t go by that sh*t you see on TV: I will f**k you up!

The black Trump supporter had been in the middle of delivering a moving speech where he urged protesters to quit whining and embrace Donald Trump as our president.

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The man was accompanied by his daughter and his son, who also wore a red Trump cap while holding a sign that read: “Trump is our president.”

The man said liberals need to stop protesting and rioting like thugs and accept President Trump because he won the election. And if you don’t like it, you should make like a tree and leave:

He’s the 45th president, and if you don’t like it, you can take your a** to LaGuardia Airport, get on a plane and go to Cuba! Go deal with Castro. It’s as simple as that. But if you’re an American living in America, Donald John Trump is your president. You can march from here to godd*mn Africa, it don’t make a difference!

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