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Starbucks can hire all the refugees it wants, its competition vowed to hire 10 thousand veterans

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Ever left-leaning Starbucks has stirred up a fresh reason for a new boycott. Howard Schultz, the coffee giant’s CEO, announced plans to hire 10,000 refugees to work in its restaurants. But its competition has a better idea.

Black Rifle Coffee Company has announced plans to hire 10,000 veterans. Evan Hafer, the company’s founder and CEO, retweeted this meme:

Liberty Alliance vice president Joe Wurzelbacher, who earned the moniker “Joe the Plumber” after his discussion on socialism with then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008, said that Starbucks has its priorities all wrong.

Clip via Fox News Insider

“I believe he should hire 10,000 veterans” instead of the refugees, Wurzelbacher said. “They’re the ones who made it possible for Starbucks to be where they’re a now.”

He found it ironic that Starbucks is only able to force the need for an additional 10,000 employees because we now have a business-friendly president in the White House.

“For people to be able to afford Mr. Starbucks’ overpriced coffee, they gotta have jobs,” Wurzelbacher said. “And that’s what President Donald Trump brings to the table, and that’s why Mr. Starbucks is able to hire 10,000 more employees.”

He observed that numerous major corporations have announced plans to expand operations in the United States rather than offshore as a for-instance.

Prior to launching the company, Hafer served 14 years as a Special Forces soldier in the U.S. Army and as a CIA contractor, according to his LinkedIn account.

And plenty of folks got on that bandwagon, some who had never heard of the company before. WARNING for language in some tweets.

And it looks as though Starbucks may have gotten the message.

Fifty-five hundred veterans is a start — but it’s not 10,000. If you’re new to the coffee company, check out Black Rifle Coffee’s website here.


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