Sanctuary cities not good enough, California fast-tracks bill to be a ‘sanctuary state’

California may soon have to kiss $100 billion in federal funds goodbye, thanks to leftist politicians.

Democrats fast-tracked a bill this week that would make California a “sanctuary state” for illegal aliens. Under the proposed law, local police cannot call federal authorities to report even violent criminal illegals.

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California Senate Bill 54 aims to protect all illegal aliens — even those who commit crimes — from being deported, as is required under U.S. federal law.

Shockingly, there are more than 200 sanctuary cities in the United States that ignore federal law by refusing to prosecute illegal aliens or report them to immigration services.

In a radical move, California is now pushing to make itself the first “sanctuary state.”

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President Trump has promised to crack down on sanctuary cities, and vowed to cut off federal aid to any city that harbors illegal aliens.

sanctuary-cities-mapRepublicans said California’s proposed bill would make it more difficult for law enforcement to fight crime.

“This bill is making it that much more difficult for the federal authorities to get the most dangerous criminals that we want to deport to keep our communities safe,” said Senator Jeff Stone told Fox News.

sanctuary-cities-statistics crimeLast week, the mayor of Miami dropped its sanctuary city policy amid concerns over being financially cut off. President Trump praised the decision.

Many on Twitter reacted by saying if California wants to defy federal law, it shouldn’t receive any federal money.

One Californian said she’ll move out if California becomes a sanctuary state because she’ll feel unsafe.

Another said “America is NOT a charity for anyone who needs relief for any reason.” Rules are rules.

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