‘What the f*** Chuck’: Thousands of angry protesters scream outside Schumer’s home

fake tears chuck schumer crying oer refugeesIt looks like Chuck Schumer may cry some real tears now.

Thousands of angry protesters demonstrated outside Senator Schumer’s Brooklyn apartment building to protest what they call his wimpiness in standing up to President Trump.

A disheveled crew of leftist hippies blasted Schumer for not doing more to obstruct Trump’s executive orders and Cabinet picks while chanting “What the f**k, Chuck?!” outside his residence.

“Senator Schumer needs to know we’re watching him,” Brad Wolchansky told the NY Post. “He works for us. We need him to stand up to Trump and oppose his picks.”

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About 3,000 protesters met up at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn before marching over to Schumer’s luxury apartment building.

The demonstration was organized on social media, where one person shared Senator Schumer’s address on Twitter.


The anti-Trump protesters held signs that read, “Resist Trump” and “Show Some Spine, Schumer” while urging the New York senator to do more to obstruct the president.

“He’s talking the talk on social media, but is he walking the walk?” Cambra Moniz-Edwards asked. “What the f–k, Chuck?!”

Meanwhile, conservatives grabbed their popcorn and enjoyed the spectacle as the left ate its own and wallowed in more childish protests.



One person wondered if these “protesters” will ever stop whining and get a job (and not the one George Soros is paying them to do).


One person summed it best when he urged protesters to keep whining while Trump keeps winning.

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