Kellyanne Conway opens up to Judge Jeanine: No one will ‘unravel me in 140 characters or less’

Why do you need around the clock security?

Protests sweep airports across the country over Trump’s immigration action

More protests.

‘President Trump is right’: Israeli PM Netanyahu tweets support, critics be damned

Liberals have harshly criticized Netanyahu for his solidarity with Trump and Americans interested in maintaining a country.

Hillary Clinton tweets message to anti-Trump protesters: ‘This is not who we are’

Former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton tweeted on Saturday . . .

ACLU claims DHS agents are not complying with judge’s stay on refugee order

“The Department of Homeland Security will continue to enforce all of President Trump’s Executive Orders . . . “

Federal judge overrides Trump’s executive order, grants stay to refugees


President Trump signs three more executive orders on Saturday

The president briefly engaged with the press after he signed the three orders . . .

Libs target Uber for offering rides while cabbies protest Trump; #DeleteUber, a lefty temper tantrum

“Will be using @Uber now MORE THAN EVER.”

Let’s be real: Obama ‘barred’ Syrian Christian refugees. Just look at the numbers

President Trump said he’s righting a wrong in ordering his administration to prioritize refugee applications from Christian minorities in Muslim countries Friday.

Ever sneak snacks into a movie? This theater forced patrons to ‘shame-eat’ contraband before entering

Some customers weren’t happy. What would you do?

Tucker destroys refugee advocate for spending taxpayer money to ‘be virtuous’; spend your own money!

@TuckerCarlson you have Kevin Appleby stuttering like crazy!! Love it!!

Iraqi translator detained at airport stuns reporters with his surprising answer about President Trump

. . . likely expecting a vitriolic response, they got a surprise.

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