Herman Cain sums up Trump’s first week in one word, puts Seinfeld ‘scandal’ into perspective

Herman Cain summed up President Donald Trump‘s first full week in office in one word: “Wow!”

“I think he’s doing a pretty good job of draining the swamp,” Cain said during an appearance Saturday on “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

The 2012 Republican presidential candidate offered his two cents on the fuss over comedian Jerry Seinfeld cracking a joke at the expense of the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement on Friday while promoting the latest episode of his web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

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The new episode features Lewis Black, and Seinfeld had the audacity to jest, “Black’s life matters.”

“Lighten up, America,” Cain said. “Some of these people going berserk over this need to get a life.”

He went on to suggest those complaining are always looking for something to “freak out” over and are now “nitpicking every word that everybody says and trying to turn it into a frenzy.”

Tom Tillison


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