Terrified Dems fear ISIS will resurge over Trump’s toughness; shall we kneel instead?

According to one Democratic lawmaker, getting tough on Islamic extremism will not only lead to a “rebirth” of ISIS,” but is likely to get Americans killed.

Sen. Chris MurphyD-Conn., reacted to President Donald Trump’s announced policy change on refugees designed to keep Islamic extremists out of the United States by claiming the president has “handed ISIS a path to rebirth.”

…which makes you wonder where Murphy was as former President Barack Obama allowed the ISIS “JV team” to grow unchecked.

“They can and will use [Trump’s] announcement today as confirmation that America is at war with Muslims, especially those Muslims living in desperate circumstances,” Murphy wrote in a Huffington Post op-ed published Friday.

“Their recruitment bulletin boards will light up with new material. Their entreaties to would-be lone wolf attackers in America will have new energy and purpose,” he said.

“All the work we have done to cut down on extremist recruitment at home and abroad now goes out the window,” Murphy continued. “It’s a new day for terrorist recruiters.”

Murphy, repeating many of the failed talking points Obama was quick to fall back on, claimed Trump’s actions will endanger Americans, as if kneeling some how makes us safer.

“Trump’s Muslim ban is a moral abomination. It is fundamentally un-American,” the senator insisted. “And it is dangerous – it will give life back to the terrorist movement and eventually get Americans killed.”

Tom Tillison


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