Move by libs to boycott Uber over decision to work with Trump has trouble gaining steam

Support for Trump is a dog whistle to liberals to go on the attack.

After Uber CEO Travis Kalanick expressed a desire to work with President Donald Trump — just as the company worked with former President Obama — the left announced an Uber boycott right on cue.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and CTO Thuan Pham
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and CTO Thuan Pham

“We’ll partner with anyone in the world as long they’re about making transportation in cities better, creating job opportunities, making it easier to get around, getting pollution out of the air and traffic off the streets,” Kalanick told employees, according to Money.CNN. 

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“It’s about the leaders we have to work with around the world, not just here in the United States but everywhere,” he added. “And being optimistic — asking can we make urban mobility better?”

Kendrick has yet to meet Trump, however, he joined other company executives, including those from IBM, Spacex and Tesla, to become a member of the president’s Business Advisory Group.

Although company Chief Technical Officer Thuan Pham blasted Trump’s ascension to the White House, and even compared him to such ruthless dictators as China’s Mao Zedong and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia after the Vietnam War, the left released its attack dogs.

Liberals spread the word on social media, employing the hashtag #BoycottUber, with messages similar to these:

But Trump supporters soon took it over and employed it as a source of derision.

Another predicted just how far the left would take it.

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But they already boycott life, with their “abortion to the moment of birth” message.

Even the looney left realized they’d lost this battle.

It won’t last. It can’t last. Here’s why:



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