Who knew? Fearless Kellyanne Conway sings the ‘Pundette Blues’ in 1998 stand-up comedy footage!

She’s nothing if not fearless.

In 1998, before Kellyanne Conway rose to national prominence as the woman who guided Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency, the pollster and “political pundette” was well known enough to get invited to participate in charity comedy contest called D.C.’s Funniest Celebrity.

In the 11-minute routine, then-Kellyanne Fitzpatrick joked about the Washington Redskins, the likely candidates for the upcoming 2000 election, and even donned a red-feathered boa for a song & sort-of dance routine about the trials of being a “pundette.”

“Newt left for Georgia on the midnight train, House Republicans made no gains, lead story now is Saddam Hussein, and I don’t know nothing about that, but they’ll still invite me to chat, as long as I’m blonde and not too fat.”


Conway’s jokes about the likely 2000 candidates featured barbs at Al Gore, George W. Bush, Lamar Alexander, and even Ross Perot and Jesse Ventura. She even got a Bill Clinton dig or two in the mix.

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Liberal sites like Mother Jones and The Huffington Post are running stories on the video to mock Conway, but it’s actually not as bad as all that. After all, it was a contest for charity and none of the participants were professionals. That said, the future Counselor to the President of the United States gave it the old college try, but thankfully for comedy and her country, she ended up keeping her day job!

Watch the video below:

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