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‘Best plot twist ever.’ Turns out, kid who bragged about setting a fire during Trump protest has a famous dad

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Wonder if this kid will be grounded for life.

It turns out that the boy who claimed to have started a fire at an inauguration eve protest in Washington D.C is the son of comedian and game show host Drew Carey, according to TMZ.

Carey’s 11 year-old son, Connor, told a Fox News reporter on Jan. 19 that he started the fire because he “felt like it,” and then added, “Screw our president.”

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Apparently Connor got caught up in the crowd’s emotion, a source close to Carey told TMZ.

And he was in trouble afterward as his parents reportedly lectured him about his language. Connor “regretted his choice of words” following the talk with mom and dad, the source told TMZ.

Amid the protests that night, a TMZ photographer ran into Carey who said he was in the area having dinner and his son wanted to see the protests. When asked whether it was too dangerous a place for a child, Carey did not seem worried.

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“Nah, there’s nothing going on,” he said, obviously unaware of Connor’s pyrotechnics not too far away.

Carey said he was in town to host the Veterans Inaugural Ball following the inauguration. He had no plans to join the protesters, he told TMZ, but did not directly answer a question on whether he is a conservative.

“I didn’t vote for either one of them,” he said.

Reaction to the news of Connor’s identity was shared on Twitter by many users who were not surprised.

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