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Gutfeld tells ‘morally superior’ libs to chill: ‘There have been alternate facts since facts were invented’

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Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld wasn’t at all taken aback about remarks that the Trump team has used “alternative facts” when describing crowd sizes at President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Alternative facts, or alternate facts, have been around forever,” Gutfeld told Mediaite’s Travis Irvine during an impromptu on-the-street interview.

“There have been alternative — alternate — facts since facts were invented,” he added.

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When NBC’s Chuck Todd opined that White House spokesman Sean Spicer’s comments that the Trump inauguration was the most watched worldwide was a “provable falsehood,” Trump senior counselor Kellyanne Conway replied that Spicer was citing an “alternative fact.”

That remark led to a knock-down, drag out verbal brawl in which Todd claimed “alternative facts are not facts, they’re falsehoods.”

Spicer himself addressed Conway’s “alternative facts” controversy on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” Tuesday night, likening them to conflicting weather reports.

“There are times, like anything else, it’s not alternative facts, it’s that there’s sometimes you can watch two different stations and get two different weather reports. That doesn’t mean the station was lying to you,” Spicer said.

Gutfeld also commented on “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich’s disgusting tweet directed at Trump’s 10-tyear-old son Barron.

“Twitter has ended more jobs than automation,” he said of Rich’s subsequent dismissal from the show’s staff, and added that she probably thought “she could get away with it.”

Because the left sees itself as moral superiors, “you’re allowed to be as cruel and as vile as they want,” he said.

Observing that the president sometimes changes his mind about things, Gutfeld added that Trump “could very well host” “SNL” again despite his recent differences with the show.

Look at [FBI Director James] Comey,” he used as an example. “He had a problem with Comey and now he likes Comey. Comey’s his homey”


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