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‘Go eat sh*t’: Ted Cruz OWNS seething Deadspin writer with ‘tweet of the year’

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It all started when sports website Deadspin jokingly sent out a tweet calling for “proof” of Texas Senator Ted Cruz playing basketball.

The reason? According to Deadspin:

Here at Deadspin.com, there’s nothing we love more than sport. So we were delighted to learn that perpetual failed candidate for president Ted Cruz started a weekly Senate basketball game in hopes of making his colleagues hate him less. Which is great for Ted Cruz, but doesn’t do much for us. We want to right this wrong and share Ted’s love of baskethoop with the world. We want Ted Cruz basketball pics.

Not willing to let this stand but apparently willing to have a little fun, Cruz tweeted a picture of talented doppelganger Grayson Allen of Duke along with the perfect response:


Of course, Cruz’s epic response immediately went viral, but that wasn’t nearly the end of the matter. Deadspin, apparently at a loss for words, did what a typical liberal would do:

That’s right, she reverted to insulting expletives. Stay classy, Deadspin…

Senator Cruz agrees:

The fact that the Deadspin writer, Ashley Feinberg, basically got owned by the person she was originally trying to mock…


… didn’t deter her from doubling down on her initial request.


And just so you know, she didn’t get “owned.” I mean, she keeps saying it over and over so it must be true, right?



It seems Ms. Feinberg is the only one who believes that!





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