Rant will have you ROLLING over ‘skank’ march; ‘look like their cat hasn’t been grabbed since Eisenhower’

An outspoken Illinois woman shredded participants of Saturday’s embarrassing and classless women’s march in Washington.

Peggy Hubbard, whose Facebook videos have slammed Black Lives Matter protesters and recently lambasted election protesters, took to Facebook again to reprimand the liberal women who marched in the nation’s capital crying over repression.

Hubbard addressed the “nasty women movement” in a video, saying she has a right to speak out because she is “all woman.”

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**WARNING – Strong Language.**


“You do not speak for me as a woman,” Hubbard began, blasting the feminists for “debasing” other women by demanding respect while wearing vagina costumes at the march.

“It’s kinda hard not to treat you as a sexual being when you’re walking around with a vajayjay strapped to your forehead,” Hubbard said, adding that nothing the liberal marchers did at Saturday’s event helped women to be taken more seriously.

Hubbard called out the “standard-bearers” of the movement who have done “nothing” for women, like Madonna and Ashley Judd who read a vulgar poem at the march.

“Rosa Parks did not make her way, and make her mark by riding a bus topless,” Hubbard noted.

She lambasted the topless, and sometimes bottomless, marchers who look like “their ‘cat” hasn’t been grabbed since Eisenhower.”

The women, who expressed messages of intolerance on a wall of maxi pads, are not representative of women in America, Hubbard said.

“You haven’t inspired me to join your cause,” Hubbard went on. “If anything, you inspired me to run the other way.”

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She drove the point home, castigating the women for complaining about being sexually “objectified” while marching without clothes.

“That bumping and grinding on a video does not make you a woman,” she said, “it makes you a skank. Let’s be honest.”

Hubbard’s video has garnered 1.5 million views and been shared more than 57,000 times.

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