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Libs float idea to stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway altogether: They can’t win against her

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A hallmark of fascism is to silence your critics.

So it may come as no surprise that leftist “journalism professor” Jay Rosen wants to silence Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser to President Trump, because he disagrees with her political views.

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Leftists who claim to be pro-women often attack Kellyanne Conway’s appearance when they disagree with her views. (YouTube)

Rosen said on a Recode Media podcast that the press should stop interviewing Conway because she confuses him (audio below):

I don’t think the people interviewing Kellyanne Conway know why they are doing that. The journalistic logic of it is growing dimmer with every interview.

But if we find that what Kellyanne Conway says is routinely or easily contradicted by Donald Trump, then that rationale disappears.

Another reason to interview Kellyanne Conway is, ‘Our viewers want to understand how the Trump world thinks.’ But if the end result of an interview is more confusion about what the Trump world thinks, then that rationale evaporates.

jay rosen nyu journalism slams kellyanne conway
Jay Rosen

Like many academics, Jay Rosen is left-wing and has little real-life experience with the subject matter he claims to be an expert in.

Rosen had a brief “journalism career” writing for the Buffalo Courier-Express before entering graduate school in the 1970s to get a Ph.D. in “media studies” (whatever that is). He has stewed in the leftist academic bell jar ever since.

Most journalists will readily admit that you do not need a degree in journalism to become a journalist. One example (of many): Pulitzer Prize winner Carl Bernstein did not even finish college.

In contrast, attorney Kellyanne Conway has been a political pollster and campaign adviser for more than 22 years. Many in the media are leery of debating her since she usually makes mincemeat of them.

Despite what “journalism professor” Jay Rosen says, the media will NOT stop interviewing Conway because she’s a trusted adviser to the president who helps devise policies that will affect the United States and the world, so to ignore her is to bury your head in the sand.

Not surprisingly, plenty of leftist “journalists” agreed with Rosen — including Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca — who recently embarrassed herself on Tucker Carlson Tonight when she defended the bully who harassed Ivanka Trump.


Liberals who claim to be “pro-women” often resort to insulting Conway’s appearance while blithely claiming they’re against objectifying women.

One Twitter user summed up exactly why leftists want to silence Kellyanne Conway: They can’t win against her.

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