Watch ‘Big Joe’ go off on anti-Trump protesters in epic fight you have to see to believe

A man who called himself “Big Joe” confronted protesters at the Women’s March in Los Angeles with a brutal dose of truth.

Joe was telling a man who was interviewing him that it was time for America to unite behind the president and give him a chance, when one of the “peaceful” female protesters interrupted and berated him.

The woman insisted that President Trump wasn’t elected.

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“You are on a bike and you are oblivious,” she said to Joe as if somehow being on a bike rendered him unable to think.

“Political correctness is a disease,” Joe said before going off on a tirade on Planned Parenthood calling it “racist.”

As he stood surrounded by people shouting at him Joe didn’t back off and gave the protesters the facts.

He explained that whatever they think their movement is about, it was hijacked by socialists who are riling them to help get their anarchist agenda ahead.

Joe said the protesters bullied people who supported Trump into pretending they didn’t and that’s why they are surprised he won.

“There’s so many people that supported Trump but they were afraid to openly support him. But you know when they supported him? In the voting booth” he said.

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And he had a direct message for the protesters and Hollywood stars saying Trump is not their president.

“This is the United States of America. You say he’s not your president … Leave!” he said.

Watch his epic rant below.

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Carmine Sabia


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