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Pollster Frank Luntz shaken after getting attacked by anti-Trumpers: ‘I never thought this would be America’

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“I never thought this would be America.”

Conservative pollster Frank Luntz saw firsthand the hate that spewed from anti-Donald Trump protesters when he became the target of their attacks.

Clip via Fox News Channel

Luntz appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” and said that the president’s message of returning the power to the people at his inauguration Friday stood in stark contrast to the “Love Trump’s hate” message delivered at the Women’s March on Washington the following day.

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While Trump spoke to “the millions of people who felt betrayed” by their country, the protesters called for division.

“A woman walked up to me in the Marriott Marquis and she shouted, ‘you fascist,’ and then two other words that would get me fired from your network,” he said. “And she threw this red confetti glitter right in my eyes and she picked up another handful. And she was no more than six inches away and I was covered with this stuff.”

Luntz elaborated his experience on Twitter, where he had more freedom to relate what the “drunk, angry” woman said to him.

“Since when do you have the right or just the ability to attack people in a private setting, in a private matter, and you could end up hurting someone?” Luntz asked. “I’m going to tell you something: These protests are out of control, the language is out of control. There are eight, nine, 10-year-olds watching this.”

Then the pollster got choked up as he delivered his summation of the event.

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“I never thought this would be America. I never thought this would happen in this country.”

As it turned out Luntz got off easy. Calls are going out to identify one anti-Trump protester who flicked her Bic and set a female Trump supporter’s hair on fire.

Hate, it would seem, is like love nowadays — it has no bounds.

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