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What’s in the Tiffany & Co box? Melania gives Michelle a classy parting gift, but she doesn’t look thankful

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Leftists are so used to expecting free things they can’t even appreciate a thoughtful gift.

Curiosity broke the internet after First Lady Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama a gift wrapped in a blue box from Tiffany & Co. on Inauguration day.

Twitter was immediately abuzz with speculation about what was inside the box. Some guessed it might be a posh photo frame or perhaps a key ring.

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Gifts are usually not exchanged on the outgoing president’s last day, which caused Mrs. Obama to make an unfortunate facial expression when presented with the box.

Anti-Trump Twitter trolls didn’t waste a second before taking snarky jabs at Melania’s gracious gesture.

Etiquette experts say when proffered a gift, you should respond by simply saying, “Thank you.”

The contents of the gift box remain a mystery. Tiffany & Co. added to the intrigue by releasing a short statement after being barraged with press inquiries about what was in the box.

Others on Twitter echoed the sentiments of many people watching the gift exchange on TV from their living rooms.

Meanwhile, Fox Business News anchor Maria Bartiromo reminded “the idiot” fashion designers who refused to dress Melania Trump that the former supermodel “figured it out.”


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