Fmr. Dem rep Cynthia McKinney’s crazy assassination hints: ‘JFK, the last president that the CIA hated . . .’

Former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney came completely unglued Friday on social media in a series of tweets that focused on political assassinations.

…and Donald Trump.

McKinney, the first black woman elected to represent Georgia, served in the House twice, from 1993-2003, and again from 2005-2007. She has a history of controversial behavior, once getting into a physical confrontation with a security guard at the U.S. Capitol.

In a despicable move that reached the heights of irresponsibility, the ex-Democratic lawmaker began her full-on assault of Trump well before he was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, posting a video of former President John F. Kennedy speaking at American University in June, 1963 — known as the “Peace Speech.”

“All those Trump supporters suspicious of JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK researchers had better study what we’ve…” she wrote, without finishing her thought.

The egregious commonality being all the figures she listed were assassinated.

She responded to her own tweet with a somewhat subtle connection between JFK and Trump:

Then, to remove any doubt about her intentions, made a direct connection:

It goes without saying that had a former Republican lawmaker dared venture this close to suggesting the assassination of Trump’s predecessor, the media would have lost its ever-loving mind — rightfully so.

To date, McKinney’s actions have caused nary a ripple in the national news cycle.

The real question may be how long before she claims her account was hacked?

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