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Big guy named ‘Dave’ doesn’t care he’s on camera, removes obnoxious anti-Trump snowflakes like ragdolls

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An irresistible force met a movable object at Friday’s inauguration…

Liberal snowflakes spouting “love trumps hate” while they set Washington, D.C. afire Friday following President Donald Trump’s swearing-in ceremony were busy creating mayhem throughout the day.

One tactic employed was to try to prevent people from attending the inauguration by blocking entrances, according to The Washington Post.

Some left-wing radicals chained themselves together to create human barricades, while one group of women “tied themselves together with purple yarn and sat down, blocking people from passing,” the newspaper reported.

But a video is making the rounds of a man identified as a Trump supporter breaking through one of the blockades.

In the video, posted on a YouTube account listed under the name Sarah_Lia, a big, burly biker-looking dude is seen removing protesters said to be blocking an entrance, more or less tossing them aside like rag dolls.

At one point, someone yells to the man, “You’re on camera, buddy!”

The guy paused from his work long enough to reply, “I don’t give a f**k,” my name is Dave,” before he returned to the task of tossing liberals.

Make American great again, indeed!

Another video posted on the page captured how intense — and unfair — the highly charged atmosphere was for Americans in town to celebrate the election of Trump:

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