Trump has Michelle Malkin blazing! Watch her stick it to establishment GOP & all those ‘empty chair Dems’

The impending inauguration of the 45th President of the United States is something to celebrate and Michelle Malkin blasted those who have chosen to boycott the event.

Hours away from President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Malkin told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the atmosphere in Washington, D.C. is “electric.”

Contrary to the doom and gloom the mainstream media has been reporting, Malkin said “people have come (from) all over the country to, yes, celebrate.”

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She slammed those who have shown their hypocrisy by allowing partisanship to dictate.

“Shame on these empty chair Democrats,” Malkin said on “Hannity” Thursday. “They cannot put their partisanship aside for a very historic moment. [It] tells you everything you need to know about their disingenuousness when it comes to preaching about healing and understanding and peace.”

The tradition and ceremony of the inauguration is “awesome” and “awe-inducing,” Malkin said as she noted the excitement and sense of  “re-invigoration” she felt in speaking with people.

She agreed with Hannity that Trump now faces the difficult task of facing off with the Republican, Democratic and media establishments.

“Those establishments, of course, transcend ‘R’ and ‘D. He will have to fight tooth and nail,” Malkin said, adding that she is hopeful.

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“I have more hope than ever that we’ll fulfill the vision that so many of these establishment Republicans abandoned,” she said. And though she doesn’t agree with everything Trump is proposing, she thinks “in general, we’re headed in the – capital R – right direction.”

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