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Pressured Judge Judy gives thoughts on one of Obama’s last presidential stunts–he won’t like her answer

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She tried to avoid the question, but in the end had to say what needed to said.

The outspoken Judge Judy Sheindlin, never at a loss for words on her TV show, was appalled by President Obama’s decision to release Chelsea Manning after serving only a fraction of her sentence for releasing classified information.

Clip via TMZ

“I didn’t think it was a wise judgment,” the star of the “Judge Judy” TV series told a TMZ reporter.

“Not wise,” pretty much sums it up.

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Manning, who was born Bradley Manning, has served seven years of her 35-year sentence for violations of the Espionage Act when she released three-quarters of a million items of classified and sensitive information to WikiLeaks while serving as a U.S. Army soldier.

One person saw Manning’s commutation for what it was — putting lipstick on a traitor.

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And most thought Obama’s decision had little to do with justice — it was more about PC coddling to the LGBT community.

Finally one observed that it’s just Obama being Obama.

Although an incoming president may reverse his predecessor’s executive orders, he lacks the authority to do the same to his commutations of sentences. Manning is scheduled for release from prison on May 17.


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